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The Sentara Cancer Network provides our patients with advanced options for finding and fighting cancer


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The Sentara Cancer Network provides our patients with advanced options for finding and fighting cancer. As the first integrated network cancer program in Virginia recognized by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer, we offer advanced care, experienced physicians and personalized treatment plans are right around the corner. From screening, to treatment, to support, we're here with you – every step of the way.

Our teams treat many different types of cancer. Learn more about some of these cancer types and how the Sentara Cancer Network can help you below:

  • Sentara is a proven leader in breast health. From education and prevention, to leading-edge treatments, patients benefit from resources throughout Sentara, including our comprehensive breast centers throughout Hampton Roads.

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  • Although colon cancer is a serious disease, there is hope, and the Sentara Cancer Network can be a strong partner in your fight. Our experienced colorectal surgeons and care teams have access to powerful tools in your fight against cancer, including minimally-invasive techniques for colon resection and the transanal endoscopic microsurgery.

    If any of the statements below apply to you, talk to your doctor about colon and rectal screenings.

    • Testing should begin at age 45 for people with average risk of colorectal cancer.
    • Testing can be done by a high sensitivity stool-based test (FIT or gFOBT) annually, or a visual exam (colonoscopy) every ten years
    • Talk to your health care provider about which tests might be good options for you.
    • If you choose to be screened with a test other than colonoscopy, any abnormal test result needs to be followed up with a colonoscopy.
    • If you are in good health, you should continue regular screening through age 75. For people 76 to 85, the decision should be based on preferences, life expectancy, overall health, and prior screenings.
    • Colorectal cancer is on the rise for younger adults, so screenings may be recommended for people before age 45 if they have a family history, a personal history of colon cancer or certain types of polyps, have inflammatory bowel disease, a known history of a hereditary colorectal cancer syndrome, or had prior radiation treatments to the abdomen or pelvic area.

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  • For cancers of the female reproductive system, it takes advanced care practiced in a highly individualized, compassionate way. As part of our nationally accredited Sentara Cancer Network, and the Sentara Women’s Health Center at Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital, this regional program reflects the level of advanced treatment and care in our community for comprehensive gynecologic cancers.

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  • The Sentara Cancer Network partners with Eastern Virginia Medical School head and neck surgeons and researchers to advance treatments for head & neck cancers. Our advanced program is the only dedicated head and neck oncology team in the Hampton Roads region, and we will work with you to provide a comprehensive care plan tailored to your specific needs.

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  • The Sentara Cancer Network is a leader in cancer care with expertise in diagnosing and treating patients with lung cancers of all kinds. From the early detection of lunch cancer with low-dose CT lung screening, to advanced treatments using video-assisted thoracic surgery or non-invasive CyberKnife® radiosurgery, our experienced care teams have the experience and technology to detect or treat your lung cancer.

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Call us at 888-220-2214 to talk to a cancer specialist today

Call us at 888-220-2214 to talk to a cancer specialist today